The GARP protocol

What is GARP?

GARP is a game resolution protocol for Ethereum based cryptocurrencies. It will allow games to offer a waged gameplay in any of the supported crypto currencies. It builds a bridge between game and game developers to crypto communities.

This bridge is realized via the GARP API and is documented here.

Now to the details

We have designed a game resolution protocol (GARP) on top of websocket. This protocol has multiple purposes:

  • Game validation
  • User validation
  • Game opening and closing
  • Provision of game stats and ladder

The endpoint of that protocol is From there you might be directed to other domains from a load distribution perspective.

The details

The communication is done via json and can be done in any language. We have developed supporting modules in order to simplify the integration.

Here we focus though on the protocol itself.

A word of warning: we are in a very early stage of API development, so there will be significant changes over time.

Currently we are in version 0.2.0. We are using the following definitions:

  • Alpha stage: version below 0.5.0:
    Compatibility breaking changes can happen, though we try to minimize it
  • Beta stage version: below 1.0.0:
    Smaller changes potential compatibility breaking changes are prevented.
  • Release versions like 1.x.x, 2.x.x etc:
    In this stage we keep compatibility. New releases are published well ahead and test pools are provided for early integration

There will be a live server which will contain the production environment which started with

Then there will be a staging server which will contain the next version of the framework. Once the version is deemed to be production, we will switch that version over. The staging server will be called

The next version of the SW will be called v0.3.0 and is under construction.