Welcome to the GARP documentation

What is GARP?

GARP is a game resolution protocol for Ethereum based cryptocurrencies. It will allow games to offer a waged gameplay in any of the supported crypto currencies. It builds a bridge between game and game developers to crypto communities.

This bridge is realized via the GARP API and is documented here.

How does it work?

Games close typically with a result or score. That score is registered and then at a selected point the game resolution is done and the waged coins are paid back according to a certain key.

The game resolution and the redistribution of the wage currencies is done per currency and after a game developer defined key and consists of 3 components:

  • Game developer reward
  • Gamer reward (the five highest ranked players are rewarded)
  • A network fee (0%-2.5%)

The first two elements are determined by the developer at game configuration on the portal.

An example: Player 1 plays 5 games with Atheios (ATH), a player 2 plays 5 games with ETHO. The first ranked scores will be then rewarded. Let assume player 1 is on the first 5 places. The following will happen:- The developer will get for the game periode 1 ATH and 1 ETHO, the remaining 4 ATH and 4 ETHO will go to the player 1 (here we assume a network fee of 0% and that 20% go to the developer)

What currencies are supported?

Currently we have support for the following currencies:

  • Atheios
  • Ether 1
  • GARPX (coming in 2021)

Here is a list of languages or frameworks supporting GARP

Here a list of GARP integrated games:

Game portals using GARP * Atheios game portal * Ether-1 game portal

This page gives an overview of the available documentation using the GARP protocol.