Welcome to the GARP documentation

What is GARP?

GARP is a protocol providing a bridge between the gaming world and crypto currency. Aim is to hide the complexity of crypto to gamers and game developers but at the same time to open the worlds to each other. On a high level it works like this:

In order to play a game You wage a crypto currency coin. That coin is used for game play. The game play results into a high score, the high score is put into a leaderboard. After defined period, defined by the game developer the game is resolved, which means the accumulated pot of all players during the game period is then distributed to the top game players. This is then generating an incentive for the good players, and the not so good players to get better. The game developer can also decide to get a kickback from that pot.


So why is crypto relevant in the gaming context? Well it is a different way to allow moneytization, instead of cluttering Your game with trackable cookies and advertising GARP allows You a clean way to get a kickback for game play. The kickback is going to be in crypto currency.

Why is that better then local points, gold or gems? Try to convert them to USD. Crypto currency You can convert to USD or EUR or bitcoin.

Is this gambling?

No, this is about the players cleverness and capability. This is like esports, where the most skilled player wins and gets a price.

Shall I build my game on GARP only?

We suggest no. Make a GARP version of Your game. We have developed templates for Construct 3 and Javascript, so it should be fairly easy to convert Your game to crypto currency. The Crypto is an emerging market, see this as an additional possibility to generate revenue for Your game. Currently we support Ether-1 and Atheios which are at writing at around 0.04 USD and 0.001 USD, but remember also bitcoin was at that level. So beside the kickback, You could see this as an interesting investment (note that this is no financial advise).

How does it work?

Games close typically with a result or score. That score is registered and then at a selected point the game resolution is done and the waged coins are paid back according to a certain key.

The game resolution and the redistribution of the wage currencies is done per currency and after a game developer defined key and consists of 3 components:

  • Game developer reward
  • Gamer reward (the five highest ranked players are rewarded)
  • A network fee (0%-2.5%)

The first two elements are determined by the developer at game configuration on the portal.

An example: Player 1 plays 5 games with Atheios (ATH), a player 2 plays 5 games with ETHO. The first ranked scores will be then rewarded. Let assume player 1 is on the first 5 places. The following will happen:- The developer will get for the game periode 1 ATH and 1 ETHO, the remaining 4 ATH and 4 ETHO will go to the player 1 (here we assume a network fee of 0% and that 20% go to the developer)

Security aspects

Checkout some security consideration here

What currencies are supported?

Currently we have support for the following currencies:

  • Atheios
  • Ether 1
  • GARPX (coming in 2021)

Here is a list of languages or frameworks supporting GARP

Here a list of GARP integrated games:

Game portals using GARP * Atheios game portal * Ether-1 game portal

This page gives an overview of the available documentation using the GARP protocol.