Construct is a programmable game engine for HTML5 games and a good entry level into gaming. The GARP team has developed a construct 3 modul which can be embedded into your game project. It provides a possibility to send and receive data via a websocket.

The module can be found here:

GARP module

GARP module page

Download the latest module into the local directory. Open construct 3 and goto

  • MENU -> VIEW -> ADDON MANAGER -> Install addon

Select now the local atheios module. Construct3 needs to be restarted. Going back to the addon manager after the restart You will find the Atheios module in the list of activated modules.

On the same module web page You also download a fully integrated game for test purposes. However for integration purposes download also the atheios-template-vxxx (xxx representing the latest version).

Open that atheios-template-vxxx.c3p file on Construct3. Once the file has loaded You will see the following layout and event sheets.

Atheios Logo

Check out the different groups * login - Login layout * elogin - event functionality for login * wage * ewage * ladder * eladder * gamelayout * gameevent

The last two items are where You need to integrate Your game.

On the same page you can also find some example code to show how to communicate with the module.

In order for the code to work you need to register as a game developer at: or After game creation on the portal, you will get a game token an game secret, which you need to use to initialize the Atheios module in construct.


This is the view when clicking on the Atheios module to show the module properties. There are four properties to schedule:

  • apiKey (An alphanumerical string)
  • apiSecret (An alphanumerical string)
  • local (boolean)
  • testapi (boolean)

The first two will be copied from the portal at game registration. Set local and testapi to false as in the picture, but with Your own API key and secret as You have received it from the portal.

Atheios Logo